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  • Start your free account (no credit card required)
  • Use the app up to 400 covers/month for free
  • Download the app onto your iPad
  • Unlimited use and texting just $49/month



The affordable, yet powerful restaurant reservation iPad app

Reservation, waitlist and table management. All in one app. All for free.

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Run a smoother front of house operation and manage your reservations, waitlist, tables and servers flawlessly. Rezku Prime empowers your staff to make critical decisions through the busiest of services. Download Rezku Tablet on your iPad and use it for free — up to 400 covers. Unlimited use is just $49 a month.

  • widgets

    Customizable Widgets

    You’ll never miss an opportunity to book a table with 24/7/365 online reservations without cover fees.

  • sync-unlimited-devices

    Sync Unlimited Devices

    Download the Rezku Tablet app on as many iPads as you wish without paying additional fees.

  • powerful-analytics

    Powerful Analytics

    Rezku Tablet Plus provides valuable analytics providing you with the information to improve service.

  • floor-plans

    Customizable Floor Plans

    Build unlimited customized floor plans that mimic the layout of your restaurant.

  • training-videos

    Training Videos

    Learn how to use Rezku Tablet in minutes via our library of training videos.

  • tech-support

    Unlimited Tech Support

    Rezku Tablet offers expert, friendly support. Our staff is here to help you. Call us or chat with our support staff 7 days a week.

  • floor-plans

    Customizable To Your Restaurant

    Choose from dynamic reservations to maximize floor inventory or the traditional slot-based reservations.

  • training-videos

    Server Management

    Assign your servers tables and sections allowing you to spot trends and adjust your team to provide a better service.

  • tech-support

    Server Rotation

    Our “Next Up” feature allows you to manage server rotations and ensure each server gets a fair amount of covers.

Connect With Guests

  • profile

    Restaurant Profile

    Build your restaurant’s profile on It's easy, free, and allows your guests to find you easily.

  • intuitive

    Intuitive Interface

    Seat walk-in guests with the fling of your finger. With Rezku Tablet everything is designed to be quick and easy.

  • text-customers

    Text Customers

    Rezku Tablet Plus allows you to customize text messages and notify your customers when their table is ready.

  • feedback

    Verified Guest Feedback

    Every day after service you will receive a report compiled directly from your guests’ feedback for that day.

Rezku's reservation widgets

Rezku’s reservation widget allows your customers to make reservations 24/7 from your website or Facebook page. Our industry leading customizable widget allows your guests to choose seating preferences, list food allergies, special requests or almost anything you can imagine. In addition, Rezku’s widget spotlights your brand, not ours.

 restaurant reservations system foh management
 restaurant reservations system foh management  restaurant reservations system foh management  restaurant reservations system foh management

Important features of Rezku Tablet

  • Get 'em seated!

    With the ability to download on multiple devices, having more than one host to manage reservations, waitlist and walk-ins will improve your guests’ experience.

  • Keep ‘em moving!

    Improve turn times and head count with multiple access points to update table statuses, adjust turn times on the fly and clear tables.

  • Get to know them!

    Have all guest notes and current information at your disposal to make them feel more ‘at home’ and keep them coming back.

Rezku Tablet includes several support apps for free.


Table Manager App

Table Manager App helps busy restaurants more effectively manage their tables. Use any device to update table status without using the Rezku system.



Industry leading analytics and statistical analysis of your front of house operations give you an added advantage. Review and analyze key factors such as wait times, turn times and table utilization. Compare server efficiencies, guest stats, and front of house operations across multiple locations, by service, time, or location.


Waitlist Kiosk App

Waitlist Kiosk allows your guests to add themselves to your waitlist without having to wait in line at the host stand. When used in conjunction with the Rezku diner app, the guest will be given an appropriate wait time based off Rezku Tablet's advanced management system.

Waitlist Kiosk on App Store
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Rezku Diner App

Rezku Diner App allows your customers to find your restaurant, make reservations, and view their place on the waitlist. Upload and manage your restaurant's profile at